Continuously evolving our brands
to keep us one step ahead.

Spanning across 12 product divisions, our brands are at the forefront of everything that we do. We take great pride in the
diverse range of brands that we have developed for our customers and are always striving to add to our comprehensive range.

Each of our products is specially selected with our brands in mind, matching the appropriate tone and style. Our brands
have been designed to add the extra spark that our customers expect, enhancing their product ranges to increase footfall.

As with every part of our business, all brand activity is supported by our customer services team.

Please note Ultimate Products is not the owner of Russell Hobbs. The company currently has license agreements in place granting it an exclusive licence to use the “Russell Hobbs” trademark for cookware (NB this does not include Russell Hobbs electrical appliances).

We are a member of Battery Full Producer Compliance Scheme, part of being a member of a Battery Compliance Scheme is we offer free recycling of our used batteries.  Battery Producer number: BPRN02680

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