We invest in our people

We know that our people are our greatest asset. Whether recruiting new or developing existing teams, our goal is to ensure we foster a business culture that enhances talent and enables people to fulfil their potential. From ECG to Women in Leadership, we understand that giving our employees a voice can only strengthen our business.

Improved working environment including collaboration areas and canteen.

Mental Health Committee formed to offer increased services and support

Our Graduate Scheme is one of the largest in the North West

Talent business, with training and development opportunities

Did you know?

There are lots of opportunities to develop a career at UP, with career progression training, leadership schemes and management training courses, including our 'Women in Leadership' group to encourage and support women in senior positions.

Giving everyone a voice

We strive to increase the inclusion of our stakeholders, most notably our key employee teams, groups and committees when developing new ideas with ESG in mind. Our people engagement survey led by our ECG provides an excellent opportunity for colleagues to share views and raise suggestions for our Senior Management to listen to and action. For example, the survey highlighted the need to improve facilities on site, which led to the £1.6m investment to renovate our office space. This investment has immediately improved working conditions, increased collaboration areas and space for refreshment and meetings.

Our Committees

Our 2020 survey identified a need to take internal action when it came to employee well-being and mental health. In early 2021 a Mental Health Committee was formed with the aim to gain insight into the needs of our people, offer increased services and support through our Employee Assistance Programme and strive to improve conversation.

We are proud to see the formation of a specific ESG Committee chaired by Non-Executive Director Jill Easterbrook whose purpose will be to provide strategic direction and challenge the business on setting further KPIs to monitor and improve our performance.

Our Environmental Committee is also exploring cycle to work schemes and EV vehicles to reduce our employee vehicle use onsite and lower our environmental impact.

Training and Development

We invest in our people and their future, which is why our graduate scheme is now one of the largest in the North West, with our bespoke Personal Development Programmes (PDP) to empower graduates to reach their full potential. Our new spacious training theatre and designated Training Officer has improved our in-house training offering and means we can now provide extensive training and support systems to guide our graduates and employees throughout their career. Offsite training opportunities are also encouraged to further personal development and expand on knowledge gained.

Equal Opportunities

As a business we are committed to offering fair and equal pay across our talented workforce and ensure there are no forms of discrimination within the payment structures we offer. We strive to reward people based on their capabilities, commitment, efforts and contribution.

Our ‘Women in Leadership’ initiative, established in 2019 provides future female leaders of the business the opportunity to sit down with and gain insight from female members of our Senior Management Team. This mentoring initiative now forms an integral part of the leadership development offered to employees at UP.

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